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Subject : Re:

...Also, let Jeff know that we think he's the best home inspector in the business. I have never experienced such thoroughness of reporting before, despite purchasing property in a wide variety of locations across the country. Absolutely Awesome Service! Thanks again.

Harry F.

Subject : Thank you!!!!

Hi Jeff,

I just want to take the time and let you know two of my clients are very thankful you were their home inspector and both said to thank you very much. One was the Kobelts with the house in New Albany....they found a lot of damaged wood behind the siding that was replaced thanks to you!!! The other was the Macchias with the house on Jonell in New Albany. Both were relo properties that had their own inspections before you. I just want you to know I'm also very thankful to have you as my inspector of choice.

Here is what Sam Machia sent me today :

Thanks Julie.

By the way, not sure if you heard the house we were in contract for on Jonell (for $605,000) is now at public auction for $295K for known mold issues! We really dodged a bullet there. Tell your inspector THANK YOU next time you see him. We love the house on Clear Creek much more anyways!

Have a great night!! and thanks again!!!



Subject : Re: Walker Home Inspection

Thanks Jeff for doing this inspection for me. Jim Walker said he really liked you and that he was so happy you were able to do it. He is a retired engineer and he was very impressed with your knowledge and how thorough you are.

Julie Judge

Subject : Great Inspector

Hi Ladies,

I just had a wonderful experience with an inspector that I thought I would share. His name is Jeff Herbert and he is ASHI certified and REALLY GOOD. He has a great system for booking appointments and is really easy to work with. He is also very thorough and knowledgeable. During my time at the Raines Group I worked with a lot of inspectors - Jeff is one of the best.

Just thought you should have his contact info.

Mr. Herbert
  Thank you for your help, "squeezing" me into your already busy schedule, and for your neutral and professional opinion/advice.

Marcia Bereebe

Attn: Jeffrey C. Herbert

Dear Sir:
  I appreciate the fine inspection that you did and, in the future, if I decide on another house, I will contact you.

Doris J. McBroom

To: Tom Christy, HER Realtors
From: Michael Côté & Peggy Parisot

  Tom, we think it's important to let you know that we were very pleased with Jeff Herbert's inspectionof the property at 5507 Durrell. Thank you for recommending him as our home inspector. He took the time to do a thorough job of evaluating major systems, and he took the time to give us maintenance advice for averting future problems.

While we were getting ready to leave the property a contractor for the Seller showed up to start work on the ceiling tiles. Despite having already completed his inspection Jeff took time to show the contractor the damaged subfloor in the basement, and explained that it would be best to hold off on completing the ceiling work until after the subfloor repairs can be done. We really appreciate the fact the Jeff intervened and helped explain the situation to the contractor thereby possibly sparing the Seller some unnecessary cost and delay in carring out the needed repairs to the subfloor.

Thanks again for recommending Jeff Herbert as our home inspector.

Jeff :

  Sorry this is so late. We were under the impression the fees were to be paid at closing.

Also, thank you for the very comprehensive report. Diana said you were good and she was right.

Thank you,
Jay and Nat Atkinson


  Thank you for the help with the advice on our property at 814 Garrett Pkwy.

I may ask your opionons some more about things in your report. I believe you did a good job for us.

Don Schlesselman

Dear Jeff,

This email is in appreciation of your work.
I am please that our realtor recommended you for the inspection of the house we were considering buying. You were very professional and thorough. We followed through on all of your feedback and one area of concern was the roof. When we asked a certified roofer to verify the concerns, he stated that he was impressed that our inspector saw the problem and alerted us. You saved us from some major headaches down the road.

Thank you doing good work. We will highly recommend you to others.

With gratitiude,
Joan Hunstiger
Leo Riegert

Dear Jeff,

Thank you for your expertise and consideration.

I wouldn't think of using anyone else and recommended the same to Donna.

Hopefully my input can help your business.

Bea Eisenberg.

"...thank you again for your response, and your outstanding job on the inspection, my father, brother, and nephew were all very impressed with your detailed work. I hope that when we get to Ohio that I can have the honor of meeting you and shaking your hand, and thanking you in person."

K. Hadlock

Excerpt from an e-mail sent by an attorney who uses Jeff as an expert witness in construction related issues.

Dear Jeff,

I am happy to inform you that your deposition has been cancelled as it is unnecessary. The case has been settled, certainly as a result of your report and how detailed and exacting it was. Thank you so much for your efforts and the manner in which you work. Our clients are also very grateful for your efforts.