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Inspection fees for used homes at resale are based on finished square footage of the home.

Many Home Inspection firms charge a fee based on the selling price of the home, but we feel that it should be based on how much needs to be inspected, not on the cost of the home.

Prices are subject to change without notice, so please verify actual cost at the time the appointment is set.

NOTE : There is a $350 minimum for a home inspection slot. (Combined inspection fee total). If Home Inspection only, and applicable fee is less than $350, fee will be $350.00.

Standard Home Inspection fee, Used Home

The square footage is averaged into brackets as follows:
Up to 1500 sq. ft. .......................... $350.00 
1501 - 2500 sq. ft. ......................... $400.00
2501 - 3500 sq. ft. ......................... $450.00
Over 3501 sq. ft. ............................ Call for quote

Two Unit Buildings

The same square footage formula applies as above for the "total" unit, and add $50.00 for an extra set of mechanicals. ex. 2350 total sq. ft., two unit, would be $350.00, plus $50.00, total of $400.00

Condominiums STARTING at $300.00

New Construction (Call for Information, and available programs)

Commercial       Experienced in Strip Centers, Multi-Story Office Buildings, Office/Warehouse, Single Use Retail Structures, Rooftop HVAC Units, Electro-Hydronic HVAC Systems and more. Narrative style report provided for these inspections. (Call for information and pricing)

Environmental Inspections

Radon Test, (continuous Monitor, 48 hour test)
  • With Home Inspection
  • Without Home Inspection
Gas Line Inspection/Warranty $85.00
Termite Inspection (WDI) $65.00
Water Analysis/Bacteria, Real Estate $90.00
Septic/Aeration System Inspection (Visual)** $100.00
Water Flow Test, (gallons per minute) $35.00
Well Chlorination $140.00
Well Chlorination & Water Re-Test $195.00
De-Winterize Without Home Inspection $150.00
De-Winterize With Home Inspection* $75.00

*De-Winterize With Home Inspection starting at $75.00.
**For buried septic tank lids, digging fee will apply if inspector chooses to dig, 100% option of inspector. Charge is $50.00 per vertical foot, 1 foot minimum charge.

We have a $75.00 minimum appointment trip charge.

FHA Certifications

Most Certifications are $100.00 each, 3 or more are a maximum of $250.00.  Paperwork is provided by us.  Re-inspection trips and new paperwork are additional.

Discount Programs, Whole House Inspections

Discounts may be available for senior citizens or previous customers. Inquire of possible discount at time of inspection.

Note: Only one discount is available per Whole House Inspection.